Small Business Formation

For companies already doing business, the firm offers expertise in virtually all areas of the law that may affect day-to-day operations. If our clients have no in-house legal resources, this expertise enables us to act as de facto general counsel. For clients with such resources, we assist on specific projects or issues. We regularly draft and negotiate single-purpose or standard-form agreements for the purchase or sale of goods and services, and we assist in the documentation of the full range of transactions by which businesses are financed, including public and private debt and equity deals (including initial and other public offerings), leases, and the issuance of convertible or hybrid security instruments.
Herischi & Associates also advises its clients with respect to matters involving general business law, including:

• Contracting
• Commercial leasing
• Immigration law issues
• Capitalization and finance
• Commercial transactions
• Structuring of equity ownership
• Stock splits and stock dividends
• Entity governance
• Equity and non-equity based incentive compensation plans
• Personnel policies and manuals
• Employment issues​