Avoid Court with Mediation

Avoid Court with Mediation

General mediation services in Bethesda, Maryland

Are you in the middle of a dispute with another party, but want to avoid going to court? The attorneys at Herischi & Associates will assist you through a mediation process.

What Is Mediation?
Mediation is a process where a neutral party, the mediator, works with disputing parties to arrive at a solution. The mediator helps parties to reach their own decision without offering legal advice.

Why Mediation?
Mediation saves you time, money and energy and it is less stressful than pursuing your case in court. Mediation sessions are confidential and typically cost less than going to the court. As opposed to a court proceeding where you may not agree with the court’s final ruling, mediation helps you be the center of the decision-making process and gives you control over the outcome.
Mediation may also be a provision of a contract or in certain cases may be required by a court order.

What Are the Characteristic of Mediation?Participation- Mediation is voluntary;
Disclosure- Parties need to provide information asked by the mediator or the other party;
Confidentiality- A mediator cannot disclose the content of the negotiations and need to keep all communications confidential, subject to some exceptions by law.

For Which Cases Can You Pursue Mediation?
Contracts and Commercial Agreements;
Business Torts;
Employment and Labor Matters;
Divorce and Family Law;
Technical and Corporate Mediation; and
Any other matter parties agree to mediate.

Is Mediation Always the Best Option?
In general, yes. However, if you believe that your opposing party will not settle and mediation will be a waste of your resources, then you may choose to pursue your case in court. We are committed to helping our clients choose the best option for them.

How Much Mediation Costs?
It depends on the amount of mediation hours required to resolve the matter. The length of mediation depends upon the complexities of the issues involved and the motivation of parties.

Family Mediation
Similar to general mediation, in family law matters, the mediator provides the structure for addressing the issues and helps parties to reach an agreement and resolve their differences.

What Is the Scope of Family Mediation?
Family mediation covers all topics relating to separation and divorce. However, at the parties’ choosing, it may also be limited to specific topics such as custody, alimony or personal property division, and tax filings. The complexity of the matter, the will of the parties and the scope of the court order define the appropriate frame of mediation.

Why Family Mediation Instead of Litigation?
Mediation provides a private atmosphere for discussing and negotiating a decision for the parties and/or their children.
Often times in litigation, the outcome could be unpleasant to the parties, whereas, in family mediation two parties come to a joint agreement, which suits them best.

Why Us?
Our firm provides expert mediation services in a variety of matters. Mr. Herischi is a licensed mediator and has conducted a large number of mediation sessions for business, family and individual conflicts. He is also an expert in the field of technology and holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Technology from John Hopkins University.
Besides his deep knowledge of different areas of disputes, Mr. Herischi is known for being a confidential, impartial, fair and a professional mediator. He works closely with clients to explore and develop mutually agreeable solutions. Our client’s satisfaction is a driving force behind the firm’s philosophy and commitment to justice and fairness.
There are many cases that could be resolved through mediation. If you have questions about the mediation process and if it is right for your conflict, call Herischi & Associate law firm at 301-363-4540 to set up an appointment for a consultation with an attorney or visit Contact Us page.