If you or a family member is seeking asylum in the United States, it is important to consult with an experienced immigration law attorney. At Herischi & Associates LLC, we have extensive experience handling asylum matters and related legal issues for clients throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., nationwide and abroad. Our lawyers are dedicated advocates for human rights and for those seeking asylum in the United States.

Are You Eligible for Asylum?

Are You Eligible for Asylum?

In order to be granted asylum in the United States, you must demonstrate that you have suffered persecution or have a well-founded belief you will face persecution in your country of origin based on your race, religion, political beliefs, nationality or membership in a social group.

As experienced Bethesda asylum attorneys, we understand what the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is looking for in asylum applications. We thoroughly handle every case, searching for all relevant evidence, handling all paperwork and making sure you meet all necessary deadlines.

We represent clients from all over the world, including those facing persecution in:

• Iran
• Tibet
• Cameroon
• Ivory Coast
• Egypt

We encourage you contact our offices to discuss your eligibility for asylum.

Temporary Protected Status

The United States also offers temporary protected status to foreign nationals who would face immediate danger upon returning to their country of origin. Circumstances that may make you eligible for this status include natural disasters, war and civil unrest. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights in regard to temporary protected status and assist you with all of the necessary legal details.