Ways a Family Law Attorney in Bethesda Maryland Can Help

A family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland sees his or her fair share of contentious issues between family members and other parties.  When a legal issue arises, a family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland can help in the following ways.

Explain Rights

Family law can address complex legal issues, including adoption, guardianship, military divorce, child custody and support issues.  Many individuals have misconceptions about their rights under family law.  Consulting with a family law attorney regarding your specific legal issues and circumstances can help clarify your rights.

Provide Options

Once you are aware of your rights or different factors that a family law judge will consider in a particular case, a family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland can explain the options that you have.  One option may be to pursue a certain action in court.  However, another option may be to go through mediation or to another form of alternative dispute resolution.  In some instances, not doing anything may be a viable option.

Representation in Court

If court representation is necessary, a family law attorney can provide it.  Going to court involves many procedural steps, including filing necessary pleadings and motions, completing discovery requests and responses, interviewing potential witnesses and complying with specific procedural and time deadlines.  A lawyer can help present the strengths of your case and present evidence that supports your legal position.