Business Litigation Attorney in Bethesda Maryland Explains How to Avoid Litigation

While it may seem counter-intuitive, a business litigation attorney in Bethesda Maryland can help explain how to avoid litigation.  A business litigation attorney in Bethesda Maryland helps represent your interests when a case goes to court.  However, he or she sees firsthand how business relationships unravel and can provide advice on how to prevent litigation from occurring in the first place.

Have Clear Contracts

Many business agreements between parties who have worked together for years become less formal over time.  Both parties may develop a custom regarding the work that is being completed based on previous projects, making written contracts less detailed or non-existent.  However, the best evidence of the agreement and responsibilities of the parties is the written contract, so it is important that you draft clear contract language.

Consider Alternatives to Litigation

Litigation is expensive and time-consuming.  For this reason, many business contracts have mandatory mediation or arbitration clauses in them so that if a dispute does arise, there is a clear plan on how to resolve it without having to resort to litigation.  Even in the absence of such a clause, alternatives may still be considered.

Review Your Interests

Even if you have the strongest case, pursuing litigation may not always be the best choice for you.  In addition to the economic impact of litigation, being embroiled in a nasty lawsuit may make you less desirable to customer, clients or other parties interested in your business.  Additionally, pursuing litigation may sever an existing relationship that cannot be easily replaced.  Consider if litigation will actually achieve your goals and take your interests into account.