Family Law Attorney in Bethesda MD Explains Best Interests of the Child Evidence

When determining child custody, visitation or other issues related to children in family law, Maryland family courts use the best interests of the child standard. A family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland can explain that this standard evaluates factors that previous court rulings have determined are important in making this assessment. To win your case, your family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland will seek to provide evidence that supports the best interests of the child in your favor.


Testimonial evidence can be powerful evidence of the best interests of the child. You, other family members, teachers, doctors or psychologists may testify about the child, education, relationships and other important aspects of the child’s life. For example, a teacher may discuss which parent primarily picks up, drops off and interacts with the child, based on the teacher’s personal observations. Other family members may discuss the dynamics between each parent and the child and the parents together. A family law attorney directs the testimony to shed light on how you represent the child’s best interests.

Tangible Evidence

Another way to help demonstrate the best interests of the child is to provide tangible evidence. Pictures may help prove your assertions. Principals and teachers may provide school reports, records and report cards to show disciplinary problems, poor performance or satisfactory academic performance. A counselor may provide information about a child’s treatment and progress. Doctors may supply pertinent medical information about a patient.