What Are the Benefits of Contract Mediation in Bethesda MD?

Contract mediation in Bethesda Maryland is a form of alternative dispute resolution to litigation. It provides a number of benefits to the parties who use it and is a much less expensive route than a trial. Some of the benefits of contract mediation in Bethesda Maryland that you may wish to consider include the following:

Confidential Process

Mediation is a confidential process between two parties and their representatives. This is especially important when dealing with contracts of a confidential nature such as those that contain important trade secrets. Additionally, the confidentiality of the process is important to businesses that do not wish any public attention given to their contract dispute.


Litigation often takes a lot of time before there is a resolution. The process can become even longer if there are appeals or a lengthy collection on the judgment. By the time that litigation is concluded, the parties have often become stout enemies to each other. Mediation helps to quickly resolve the issues and preserve the relationship of the parties.

Opportunity for Creative Solutions

Mediation involves the parties and a third party neutral who are working together to arrive at a workable solution. This allows for brainstorming and tossing out ideas that may help resolve the situation. Mediation has often led to tailored agreements that meet the individual needs of the parties involved.

Greater Control

The parties are ultimately responsible for determining whether they will resolve the dispute. As such, they retain power throughout the process.