Issues that a Family Law Attorney in Bethesda MD Can Help With

Family law cases can be some of the most contentious.  An experienced family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland may help with a variety of cases.  The job of a family law attorney in Bethesda Maryland is to help advise his or her client of the legal issues involved and the possible resolutions.  In addition to working on standard family law cases such as divorces, child custody, visitation, establishing paternity and child support, a family law attorney may also work on the following types of cases:


Whether a person or couple is seeking to adopt an unknown child or a stepparent wants to assume all of the legal rights and obligations of being a parent, family law attorneys can help with the adoption process.  This process is often long and confusing, but having an advocate assist with it can make a significant difference.  An attorney can ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is filed and all of the required steps are taken to effectuate a legal adoption.


If a child or adult is disabled, an appointment of a guardian can help establish another person’s right to make decisions that are important for such an individual.  Additionally, guardianship is available when someone who is not a child’s parent wants to assume the primary caretaking role for that child.  In other cases, a person may need to obtain guardianship exclusively for the purpose of enrolling the child in school or for medical purposes.  A lawyer can help complete the necessary documents to establish this legal relationship.